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6. Designing Content For Social Media In 3 Simple Steps! Copy

April 6, 2022

In today's tech-savvy world, businesses rely heavily on social media to encourage growth. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional graphic designer, having one single platform that allows you to design content for every social media channel is an absolute game changer. With that being said, a strategic approach to social media design can make the difference between whether viewers follow you or keep scrolling.

How using social media content can boost your business

For all businesses, big or small, social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook are excellent places to engage your audience. Naturally, social media posts perform far better when paired with striking visuals. Illustrations can help you:

  • Draw the audience with aesthetically appealing posts with important information!
  • Interact directly with the real people who support your business, which adds to better engagement levels!
  • Achieve greater brand awareness which results in an improved market position relative to your competitors!

That’s where Simplified comes in. With Simplified, you can deliver a consistent brand look across all your marketing channels. We’ll show you how you can achieve this in 3 simple steps!